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Dragon House Wharf

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Dragon House Wharf, a tribute to a piece of Ho chi Minh's personal history, is located at the junction of the Ben Nghe Canal and the Saigon River. The museum mostly holds pictures and objects related to the former president.

It is from this area that the 21-year-old "Uncle Ho" set sail on a French ship in June 1911. The Dragon House Wharf, originally called Nha Rong, was a French shipping company, built in 1863.

In September 1979, the city's People's Committee chose Nha Rong as a site for a Ho Chi Minh Museum. The name was taken from the two dragon-shaped symbols adorning the building.


Approximately one million visitors, local as well as international, have visited the site. In addition, events such as artistic festivals and the introductions of new members of the Youth Union and Communist Party have been held there.
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