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Located directly across the street from the Sofitel Plaza Hotel, this is a delightful home decorative shop that also offers furniture and antiques. But there is more to this shop than what initially meets the eye. The shop displays a nice selection of reconditioned colonial-style furniture, including a unique collection of French art decor chairs. Includes attractive table runners, placemats, and small home decorative items. The shop also will make furniture to clients’ specifications. Especially popular with expatriates and Japanese visitors. Serious buyers, including dealers, should request to visit the shop’s warehouse, which is located within 15 minutes of this shop and includes a 900-square meter facility for storing, reconditioning, and making furniture. Very experienced in working with international clients and shipping abroad.

2A Le Duan Boulevard, Dist.1, HCMC, Vietnam.
Phone: 822-9654 - Fax: 825-1358
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