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Located inside an impressive three-storey French-style villa (also in Dong Khoi street), the aptly named Vietnam House is a wonderful introduction to traditional Vietnamese cuisine and culture. The interior is adorned with typical Vietnamese artifcats, such as old earthenware pots, bamboo baskets and huts and conical hats, while staff are dressed in elegant traditional attire. Traditional Vietnamese folk music is also performed nightly.

The extensive menu boasts over a hundred delicious specialty dishes from the North, Central and South of Vietnam. Start with the tangy sweet-and-sour salads, or the crispy spring rolls accompanied with salad, vermicelli and spicy dipping sauce.

Try small rolls of grilled pork in rice paper, or the unusual beef in wild betel leaves (VND 49,000). To discover the Central Provinces cuisine, try the celebrated Hue rice-flour pancakes and crepes: "Happy" crepes filled with spring onions, mushrooms, minced pork and bean sprouts, served hot with spicy fish sauce, is recommended. If you prefer the tastes of the south hoever, is sizzling hot clay pot of braises fish is a good choice (VND 36,000). Soups, an obligatory dish for the Vietnamese, are renowned here; try the seafood soup (VND 49,000). The fried banana dish (VND 19,000), or daily selection of sweets made with sugar, beans or taros rounds off a memorable dining experience. Understandably popular with tourists and ex-pats alike, it's best to book ahead.

Vietnam House
93-95 Dong Khoi St., Dist.1, HCMC - Tel: (84-8) 8291623