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Right in the heart of HCMC, there is a kingdom, where the red color reigns. You can see it in every corner of this kingdom, from fine, tastefully decorated chairs in ancient Chinese design, to small ceiling lamps and exquisite hand-craftes silken cloth. The red color is also painted on the doors, making anyone entering feel that they've arrived at a mysterious, forbidden room of a Royal Palace. This kingdom's name is Dynasty.

Dynasty happens to house many treasures. Its two traditional Chinese noodle carts, set centre-stage of the restaurant. Or pots of charming binsai, carefully arranged around dining tables. And above all, Mr. Ho Wing Sang, a talented chef from hong Kong, who inspires traditional Chinese cuisine with more than forty kinds of dim sum and many other genuine specialties. It's not hard to see why Dynasty is acknowledged as the premier Chinese restaurant in town. The menu features many delicate, delicious dishes such as fin soup, dumplings with chicken and dried mushrooms or Chinese rice-paper rolls. If you want to feel like a King for the day, come and make this restaurant your dynasty.

Dynasty Restaurant
1st floor New World Hotel
76 Le Lai St., Dist.1, HCMC - Tel: (84-8) 8228888