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bach ma park

Bach Ma National Park is located approximately 50 km north of Hue. In the 1930s, a city was located in the mountains, but it was almost completely destroyed after the 1946 - 1954 revolution. Nowadays, all that is left are the remnants of a city built with roman architecture and buried under vegetation.
Bach Ma National Park is now considered as another Dalat, but in the centre of the country. The temperature never goes below 4oC in the winter and the hottest summer temperature does not exceed 26oC.

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Bach Ma National Park has a lot to offer, as much in terms of sites to visit as landscapes to admire. From the top of Hai Vong Dai, the highest peak at 1,450 m, one can admire a fantastic view. The Grand Do Quyen Waterfall, over 300 m high and 25 m wide, is also impressive.
Rich vegetation and animal-life also attract many visitors. The park is home to 233 species of birds and 55 species of mammals, as well as extensive flora of more than 500 species. Extensive scientific research is also carried out here.

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