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Date: 22nd day of the 4th lunar month

ON the half-way of Mt. Dai An, also called Mt. Melon, which belongs to Dien Dien - Dien Khanh Village, there is a small temple Am Chua for worshipping the Holy Dress Lady. By legend, this is the place where the lady descended on earth, stayed at melon garden and lived in love and good care of an old wood-cutter couple without children. It is hardly to know when the temple was built, at first it was at a field, then was removed to the middle of the mountain side and restored many times. In the temple is an altar for All Souls of the Dead,...


Date: 20th to the 23rd of the 3rd lunar month

THE Po Nagar festival is carried out on the 20th and 23rd lunar month each year at the Po Nagar vestige site in Nha Trang. The symbol for worship in towers here is a set of reproductive organs. The main statue in monolithic over two meters tall was set at the main temple (over 22 meters tall) which is regarded as Country Mother Goddess (Po Yan Ino Nagar) by Vietnamese people. After the C-XVII, she was proclaimed the Heavenly Dress Lady or Holy Mother, Holy Dress Mother Dien Ngoc Goddess by royal nomination of the kings of Nguyen Dynasty.


IN old days, fishermen along seaside thought that the whale was so good-tempered, hurt no one but helped people when they had confronted storm in the sea. Taking advantage of this, someone embroidered several legends on the whale, which was joined to the life of Nguyen Anh during the time of his traveling and running away, coloring stories in which the whale saved Nguyen Anh from shipwreck, using devine power to praise this person.

The Whale Festival has been, for centuries, the biggest water festival of the fishermen in Quang Nam, Da Nang province. The worshipping of the whale is not only about paying respect to their God, but also about ensuring prosperity for the villagers.
This festival last for two days from the middle of the 3rd month of the lunar calendar. On this occasion, the whale temple, as well as all the houses and boats, are beautifully decorated.

The peace offering is conducted in the first evening at the whale temple by village elders. Offerings do not contain sea foods and are given while the oration is read out. The ceremony is held to respect the Whale God and to pray for the safety and propriety of the village.

At dawn the following day, there will be a procession of boats on the sea in a set formation. This procession displays the fishermens' sincerity to their Whale God. By midnight, the official ceremony is conducted as school children offer incense and the orchestra plays a classical opera. All the fishing boats and villagers, no matter where they are, will return to take part in the Whale Festival.

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