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vi da village
Vi Da is the name of a very famous territory of Hue. Lying along the Huong river, Vi Da is a hamlet established 200 years ago.

Even today, the tourist can see along the two sides of the road to Thuan An those ancient houses, built after the classical architecture of 3 principal rooms and 2 auxiliary ones at the 2 ends, the roof is covered with "yin & yang" tiles (tiles imbricated the ones within the other), with its top having 2 dragons, in front of the house there is a courtyard paved with bricks, and a brick screen is accompanied by a rock-work (a miniature - mountain).
Vi Da Village
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The most famous is the residence of the Prince Tuy Ly Mien Trinh, which has a three - door portico made after the architecture of Tam Quan ( 3 doors). Here is also the Ba La Mat pagoda built at the beginning of the 19th century, the communal temple of Vi Da, the Tu Bi Hi Xa pagoda...

Beside that, Vi Da is also famous for its gardening traditions, its gardens have been blossoming all year long in the 4 seasons.

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