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The Country Side isnít the fanciest restaurant in town, nor the most trendy, but it does have charm. Set in a small, renovated French villa just minutes from Hanoiís Opera house, it faces Pasteur Park. Inside, the eatery is decorated with bamboo, plants and artifacts from Vietnamís countryside. In line with the eateryís rustic theme, the staff wear simple, traditional tunics.

Since the chef is from Ho Chi Minh City, it follows that most of the dishes on the menu are southern. The flavours are authentic too since the chef buys his spices and produce in southern Vietnam and has them transported to Hanoi twice a week.

Youíll find southern favourites like Mango Salad, Flamed Shrimp, Caramelized White Catfish, Fried Rice with seafood, and assorted Hot Pots. The chef has 25 years of experience and it shows. The food is delicious and prices are moderate.

Country Side offers fresh food, a warm atmosphere and country-style hospitality in the middle of the city.


9 Nguyen Cong Tru St., Hanoi - Tel: 844-8219487