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Purchase and Payment

What is Shopping Cart and how to use it?
I pay via credit card but is my credit card number safe?
My credit car is not accepted by traveltosaigon. Why?
Is credit card with an international billing address can be used?
When is my credit card charged?
How long will I get the refund?
What is an e-wallet? What benefits does traveltosaigon e-wallet provide?



What is Shopping Cart and how to use it?

Shopping Cart is a section which stores items you would like to buy during your shopping tour. Items here means services on traveltosaigon.  When u book a service, your Shopping Cart will be displayed.

The first page of Shopping Cart is the Product Summary.
On Product Summary page you are required to provide the quantity. Quantity have different meanings depending on each type of service:

  • Hotel: number of nights you will stay in the hotel you book
  • Car: number of cars you want to book
  • Tours: quantity is disqualified, you need to keep the original value (1) as by default

After filling in the form on Product Summary with necessary information, go to the bottom of this page:
- If you click Continue, the Shopping Cart Summary page is displayed listing the product you have just chosen and its details for you to review
- If you click Cancel, your options will be removed and you can reselect.

On Shopping Cart Summary, you can:
- Edit the item you have chosen by clicking Edit on the left of the item name
- Remove the item you have chosen by clicking Remove on the left of the item name

After making necessary changes if any, go to the bottom of this page:
- If you want to continue booking, click Continue and you will return to the traveltosaigon service webpage (which you had viewed before going to Shopping Cart). Here you can book another item or if you want to view any other service, continue browse the website and choose.
- If you want to end your shopping tour, click Check out, then you will escape Shopping Cart.

I pay via credit card but is my credit card number safe?

Security is the top priority on traveltosaigon. We use lastest security technologies on this website to be sure that our customers are safe when purchase online. Secure Sockets Layer and Private Communication Technology security standards is used on traveltosaigon (supported by Microsoft® Internet Explorer 3.0 or later and other popular browsers).

SSL encodes your personal information (such as your password, address and phone number, or your credit card number) so that it is available only to you and the traveltosaigon travel agent who will help make sure your travel planning goes smoothly. This encryption makes doing business over the Internet as secure as making a purchase by telephone.

Your credit card number is safe on traveltosaigon!

My credit card is not accepted by traveltosaigon. Why?

For security reason and your protection, traveltosaigon requires the billing address for ticket delivery to be the same address where the bill for your credit card is sent each month. Please make sure the address and ZIP/postal code are correct when you enter your credit card and billing information.

Is credit card with an international billing address can be used?

Yes, you can use your non-USA credit card to purchase all travel services offered on traveltosaigon. But your order will be processed a little bit later than USA credit card.

When is my credit card charged?

For visa application, you will be charged when the visa is ready and is delivered to you. For lodging, packages (vacations or tours) or rental cars, after receiving your order and send you the confirmation, your credit card will be charged. For flights, after checking the availability from  airlines and booking, your credit card will be charged. Generally, your credit card will not be charged at the point of time you place an order on traveltosaigon. When you place order, we only check the validity of your credit card before accepting it.

How long will I get the refund?

If our customer service has agreed to process a refund for you, you will receive the refund right after we have completed the process (one or two weeks).

What is an electronic wallet? What benefits does traveltosaigon e-Wallet provide?

An electronic wallet is basically an on-line version of your physical wallet. Your payment and personal information is stored safely in one place for you to access when you need to pay for something online. Your electronic wallet will help you fill online order forms quickly and easily whenever you shop.

In addition to filling out online forms, electronic wallets can do even more. For example, some offer additional handy features such as:

- Password storage for multiple web sites
- Wallet transaction history
- Storage of multiple shipping addresses
- Store directories
- Automatic notification of special offers and discounts
In short, electronic wallets are ready to serve as full-fledged shopping assistants.

traveltosaigon E- Wallet is an electronic wallet that enables Passport revaluation and payments over the Internet, crediting and debiting your Passport via a smart card reader.

traveltosaigon E-wallet can give customers these benefits:
- Secure, low cost and efficient Passport revaluation and payment mechanism.
- Compatible with existing Passport
- No age and income restrictions.
- Payments are anonymous as generic Passport are not tied to individuals.
- Many users on a shared terminal can share the software. Each person's purchase logs and details are encrypted at full strength on the terminal and are kept separate.
- Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Protocol enables secure revaluation and payments using Passport over the Internet. (1024 bit authentication and 192 bit encryption)
- For payments, a secure Certificate Authority (CA) system is used to authenticate the merchant.


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